This is the final adventure in the 2020's epic three-adventure E- series. In E-3, players will travel to a fiery dark world of the arch-fiend Blackthorn, and they must survive a hellish journey to end his dark plans. Challenging group-solve puzzles and terrifying animatronic monsters must be defeated in order to fulfill your quest. This is a highly immersive D&D-themed escape room adventure that adds some simulated combat to maximize the fun. Players receive a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value), at least 3 random draws from our Treasure Generators, and a collectible limited-edition participation token. The ticket price for this two-hour adventure at PAX South will be $68. valid PAX South badge is required.

The E-series of adventures can be played in any order.  You do NOT have to play then in the E-1, E-2 and E-3 order.